InnoTecUK introduces 2 inspection crawlers at the international exhibition in Materials Testing ‘MT 2017’

The month of September began with InnoTecUK attending two of the industries’ prestigious conferences and exhibitions; The British institute of Non-Destructive Testing’s (BINDT’s) ‘Material Testing 2017’ exhibition and ‘CLAWAR’17’; The 20th International conference on climbing and walking robots.

At the ‘Materials Testing 2017’ exhibition in Telford, UK, InnoTecUK’s booth was without any doubt the most vibrant. Our team of highly skilled professionals came prepared to network and create long term, and sustainable relationships with those visiting our stand. However, it will not be fair to give all the credit to just our friendly staff, the most eye-catching things were our state of the art magnetic adhesion platforms HUNTER and NEPTUNE, and our vacuum adhesion platforms ICM ROVER and VORTEX SCANNER. This was the feedback we gathered from those who visited our booth at the international centre in Telford.

InnoTecUK capitalised on the attention it was receiving mainly due to the uniqueness of its remotely deployed NDT solutions and the presence of its highly skilled and resourceful experts to make known two of its new state of the art inspection platforms: ‘Neptune’ an ‘Advanced Magnetic Adhesion Marinised Crawler’, and ‘ICM Rover’ an ‘Advanced Vacuum Adhesion Inspection Crawler’, obtained in partnership with an American based company.

It was at this event that both inspection solutions made their first public appearance as products under InnoTecUK’s wings. Both inspection platforms: ‘Neptune’ and ‘ICM Rover’ like the ones before them ‘HUNTER’, ‘VORTEXSANNER’ were able to capture and retain the attention of many due to their unique features, ability to conduct inspection tasks in very hazardous environments and capacity to be used in different industrial sectors.

Pictures of ‘NEPTUNE’ and ICM Rover coming soon. Stay tuned.




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