The prestigious Industrial Robots Journal’s Joanne Pransky interviews our Technical Director Professor Gurvinder S. Virk.

InnoTecUK’s Technical Director Professor Gurvinder S. Virk recently had an interview with the Industrial Robot Journal. Details of the interview have been also published on robotics business review to provide intelligence for the global robotics industry.

In his interview, Gurvinder shares his expertise in the field of robotics, control, engineering, and computer science, and discusses the importance of international robot standardisation for robot manufacturers and the wider community.

With regards to his expertise, Gurvinder has for the last 35 years produced over 350 referred publications, filed four patents, been involved with several spin out commercial ventures, led the creation of the first International Organisation for Standardisation (ISO) safety standard for personal care robots (EN ISO 13482), presided over the ARGOS Challenge committee to develop autonomous robots for oil and gas production sites and is currently working on wearable exoskeletons aimed at providing affordable solutions to assist elderly persons perform normal daily activities.

It is Gurvinder’s extensive knowledge in robotics that permits him to offer deep insights into how robotic safety standards are formulated and implemented and how the regulatory frame work can be adopted in realising robot products for facilitating safe Human Robot interaction.

In this interview, he describes the best methods for adopting robot safety standards, and goes on to describe how international robot safety standards are administered, the role of manufacturers in robot safety, and what might happen in the event of a robot causing harm in non-safety-compliant robot products.

To read what Gurvinder had to say, click here.